Spiderman. Spiderman.


As a kid i always wondered, what if i ever get bitten by a spider and become a spiderwomen the next day. *_*

All fault of spiderman tv series which we used to watch as a kid…huh false hopes 😦

Most of the people out here are scared of spiders… but you know what ever looked at them closely while they are busy making their web… trust me they are the most quality-performance known to man.

They look so cute while they are walking with their 6 legs… i might sound weird but really they do if you don’t them for once.

Also, as a student of forensic science , we study about many laws of our indian constitution which i think are just like a spider web… because you see big flies pass through it but the small ones get caught. If you get what i’m trying to say ;).

Diary of a wimpy kid


Today while just wondering on the streets I saw this lying at the book stall.
A book named same as my blog.
If you don’t know… Chronicles also means maintaing a diary.
So this only means someone stole my title.
Is my blog that famous 😕
Nope, not at all 😛
It’s just a coincidence I guess 🙂

Weekly Photo Challenge – Vivid

HX Report

MB was dining with family recently at the Jebal Ali resort in Dubai. The food and the conversation were suddenly interrupted when a wandering vividly coloured peacock jumped onto the table to say hello and take a look at MB’s 5 star nosh. No kidding. MB is not spinning one of his tall tales. It happened!

Like a deadly gun slinger in some Western movie, MB pulled his camera from his holster faster than the blink of an eye, and grabbed this (seriously vivid) shot.


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Being ethnic.

These days I’m just being my true self I.e. being ethnic.

Yup… Called me old fashioned but I love ethnic wear.

Though we have changed our ways and become all western and stuff… But you know what we should never get detached from our true self.

It’s not just that we’ll go by the trend whether it suits us or not.

Wear what suits you.

#anklets love them ❤


Dual nature of RED.

I guess red is the only color that has both negative and positive aspects.

On one hand… It stands for love, passion, infatuation, attraction etc.

And on the other hand, it shows agony, anger, jealousy, etc.

Some people fear this color as it’s also the color of our blood And they correlate it with the bleeding due to some injury and it is also interpreted as the color code of HELL.

So yeah people have all the reasons to be scared of it but if you see closely it’s a pretty beautiful color.

It’s the color of a brides outfit at our Indian wedding… Which makes her look even beautiful.

So see red as a COLOR OF LOVE instead.

(This one is especially for my love)


Night sky

As I looked at the night sky, it grew darker and darker with shades of black and grey.

The moon playing hide and seek with the clouds was a beautiful and delightful sight. *_*

While living in a metropolitan city we hardly get to see this scenic beauty.

But some days just take out some time and look at the peaceful sky above you.

Trust me it will ease your mind for sure ^_^