The Lost Christmas


The bells were ringing;
The children singing;
Jingle bells jingle bells
Jingles all the way,
Oh what fun it was to ride when we were still allowed to play,
We grew up,realised that Santa wasn’t true
Now Christmas was celebrated without a clue,
“You’re too old to believe in santa”
“Grown up you foolish gyy”?!!
It’s like they didn’t even try,
“Santa” it isn’t a guy,
It’s an ideal,a hope
It is what makes us cope,
A hope that one day somebody will come and give us happiness,
Take away our loneliness;
“Santa” isn’t a saint,
It’s about sharing that pain,
It symbolises the belief of goodwill towards your peers,
Isn’t that what it is about that Christmas cheer ?
Fun,Happiness and frolic;
That’s what this day is about,
Be somebody’s santa this day,
Make their lost Christmas found.
To everybody who’s reading this I wish you a very…

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