Beauty and the Beast

There’s a villain in every story.

Be it, the wicked witch of west or east.

Or the evil step mother, a monster, a beast.

What does the villain exactly look like ?

It doesn’t always wears a mask, a black cape, or have a flying broom.

Well, i have a villain of my own. But she’s kind of hard to see with naked eyses.

Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all ? Or should be, monster monster inside of me, tell me tell me what you see ?

Rip me apart, tear me to pieces, make me a prisoner.

O’ inside of my head, tell me what i am ? And what I’m not ? Tell me, what i really need and what i have really got ?

Monster monster inside of me, bring out my scars, my fears, sadness and arrogance.

Deprive me of my confidence. You take away myself esteem and make me yell and scream.

You taunt me with your word.

This villain isn’t a creature or a devil from hell. It isn’t a witch or demon.

This villain is inside me.

I try to push it away but it doesn’t leaves me alone.

I’m the beauty and the beast.

But, how do you kill the monster when it’s inside you ?



  1. shikhartomar · December 28, 2014

    So powerful :”) amazing.


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