Here are somethings that are definitely gonna happen to you on the New Year’s Eve.

All of us will be stuck in the rush hours , blaring songs of Martin Garrix on the right and a teenager with your dream car on the left. Not cool though.

Some of you finally reach at the party. The party’s great. The music’s good. The drinks are flowing. But you are stuck with random people with even more haphazard conversations. While you were dreaming of meeting someone goodlooking and you get dashed to see wicked people all around.

Some of you will be celebrating it with family in lieu. You have to keep beaming from ear to ear in front of everyone be it someone you love or bane from deep down your being. But you still have to PARTAAYY with them tonight !

Some of us will be sitting in front of the IDIOT BOX. Watching the Award Ceremonies. The good-looking stars make you realise how parched you are. Watching that you sip on FLAT SODA swallowing your gloominess.

Some of us are baffled, which party to hit ? MAny offers out there, X Y Z stars coming up, house party, party with the free booze and snacks… tough time for hundreds of indecions. Always getting second thoughts !

Some of you will be so high that you’ll practically passed out drunk before you could even wish anyone Happy New Year !

ONLY some of you will be with right person, right place and right party. Coherently, you’ve hit the BONANZA on 31st night, so cheer up you SAD SOUL ! 😀


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