Upside Down.

Life is like a ride to the circus town,


It’s upside down;
All around,


In the air,
In the sound.


Happiness is like an unsaddeled horse;
Moving and galloping all around,


Happiness is like that gem,
The most peculiar of all eyes have found,
It’s upside down,
All round.


Your scent


Though I’m an olfactophobic,
but people say they can tell a person’s personality by the type of a perfume they use.
I’m glad that I’m an olfactophobic and don’t judge people like that.
Btw… This one’s my favorite just because of it’s bottle *_* <3.




Mango ( In hindi, Aam )
Is a fruit that can enlighten anyone’s day.
If your Sunday is just going monotonous and you have nothing at all to do then you can have one whole mango for oneself… And it will give you all the happiness of the world *_*, all your sorrows, pain will be washed off by just having a single slice of it.
It’s just another thing that most of the people don’t like sharing with anyone else.
It’s your 2a.m. friend , as all of us know that maggie is being banned so now mango is the only hope left :’).
It’s that one thing that you can’t resist but EAT IT UP *_*.!
As said in hindi… Aam is Aam admis fruit… Trully said.
So, all the mango lovers…

Under the skin.


Skin of a tree , taken randomly while wandering on the streets of Delhi.
Each tree we see can tells us many stories if it could speak.
They have seen so much but can’t speak.
Their skin has got parched, wrinkled but still they are living in this poluted city and don’t say a word when we cut them down for our own benefit.
They remain silent and see everything happening.
I wish they could speak and tell about their pain to us so people might understand and don’t cut them down.

door cat

You are here again,

every morning without a fail there you are.

Your grey stripes give a dull contrast to your green vivid eyes.

You bring me to another world.

As if our few minutes together each day open a portal to a another softer dimension.

I reach out my hand and hold it still, a habit that i needn’t do.

You know who i am that’s why you are here.

No words are spoken between the two of us, we are as still as the air around us.

It’s true that no one can ever understand my bond with you.

My little door cat… i miss you ! 😥